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           Boy Scout Troop 75 Began its 51st season (2015-2016) with a focus on Community Service. Under the direction of Scoutmaster Wess Ludlow and Assistant Scoutmasters Dwight Hopkins and Jeff Tyrone 24 scouts and leaders helped support the Preston City Congregational Church yearly Scarecrow Festival  by furnishing vendors and Festival staff with meals, helping set up and clean-up crews. This event posted over 240 hours of community service for Troop 75. Troop 75 patrol even captured a second place in the scarecrow competition. Thank you to PCCC Scarecrow staff and our volunteers.

               The Troop 75 Scouts and leaders then volunteered to move Books to and from the Preston City Library during their Book Sale held at Paquetanuck Firehouse. The Scouts and leaders spent two full days in this effort and posted almost 192 service hours supporting the Library staff and “Friends of the Library” in their Book Sale Fund raising effort.



               Next Troop 75 and leaders volunteered to Paint the Scout shed building for the Preston City Firehouse. Under the direction of Troop 75 Instructional  Representative  Jarred Harris and his wife Jennifer the task was finished by mid afternoon. The scouts and family members enjoyed Pizza for lunch. The Troop accumulated over 144 Service hours of community Service helping the firehouse paint and repair external moldings and texture 111.


               Troop 75 Matthew Davis, 7 other Scouts, Family and friends completed four (4) Park Benches at the Preston City Community Park. The four benches were installed as part of Matthews Eagle Scout Service Project under the direction of Preston Park and Recreation Director Amy Brosnan. The installation was completed on Oct 26th and the project took 163 service hours to complete at NO cost to Pack and Rec. Congratulation Matthew Davis.


Recently Troop 75 sponsored a Spaghetti Dinner that was Free to all Preston City Firehouse members. All proceeds are going into the Troop 2016 High Adventure to Hike Mt. Washington in the summer of 2016. The Troop served 227 people and received over $300.00 in donations for their trip and a Profit of $1,300.00 toward Mt. Washington trip. Thank you to all the Preston City Firehouse members, Scouts and leaders of Troop 75, Parents, grandparents, Family members and friends for your support.                                                                                                                        Special Thanks to Scoutmasters of Troop 75 past and present.



               Troop 75 at the Present time is involved in life Scout Liam Cooks Eagle Scout Service Project at the Preston Community Park to build an announcing booth at the present Senior League field. Pouring of cement for foundation and construction to start is planed soon.


               The 38 Scouts and leaders are setting up for the yearly tree and wreath Sales at the Preston city Firehouse. Several work days have taken place to cut and dip greens with preservative as Parents take Wreath making classes under direction of Holly Cyr, Charlie Hobbs and Karla Drainville. This is the troop’s largest Profit making event of the year. Wreaths are made to order and trees will be donated by several scouting friends local to Preston. (Dudecks, Flemings and Buttonwood farms) Trees will range from $15.00 to $60.00. Tree and Wreath sales begin Saturday after Thanksgiving. PLEASE try to visit us and help donate to our cause. Season’s Greetings to ALL.


Congratulations to Troop 75 latest EAGLE SCOUT, John Connors who successfully completed his Eagle Scout Board of Review to become the troops 58th Eagle Scout. John and his dad (Eric) become the First Father Son team to be Eagle Scouts in Troop 75’s history. Eric in 1996 and John in 2015.

For information about troop 75 call Scoutmaster Wess Ludlow at 860-887-0240 or 860-861-1487 or email or

As November continues Troop 75 Continues to serve the community.


Troop 75 participates in Scouting for food drive at PCCC. Troop 75 and Pack 75 collect over 2800 items for Food Pantry. 28 Scouts and leaders traveled throughout Preston in support of the PCCC food pantry.


Troop 75 Life scout Liam Cook starts Eagle Scout Service Project at Community Park.


Recently Scouts, Leaders and Family members from Troop 75 celebrated “Thanksgiving in the Woods” (now in its 19 year). The Tradition began in 1996 when Scoutmaster Dwight Hopkins and Tom Fessenden cooked Turkeys, invited Pack 75 Cub Scouts to the Benjamin Tree Farm on Branch hill for a dinner and overnight campout. This Tradition at Benjamin’s Farm was passed on from Scoutmaster Hopkins to Scoutmaster Ryley and then to Scoutmaster Barry Black. The tradition, now lead by Scoutmaster Wess Ludlow has become so popular that this year the Troop served nearly 100 people for dinner. An important note: During this year’s Campout and dinner, Troop 75 planted a special tree ( under the guidance of Wayne Benjamin and donated by D.E. Hopkins). This Tree is in memory of Winthrop (Winnie) C. Benjamin (1929-2015) who since 1981 has supported Troop 75 by allowing us to camp and hike on this magnificent property. Mr. Benjamin will truly be missed by the Boy Scouts and leaders of Troop 75.





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